Fleeces To Pieces Yarn Shop

Fleeces To Pieces sells a variety of products from raw fiber to retail outlet of fabulous alpaca products. Not only do we sell products from our farm, but we also sell a variety of alpaca apparel and quality yarns.

Local Artisan Gallery & Studios Now Open!

Mark your calendar for the Open House event on September 28 from 10am to 4pm!

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Classes & Workshops

Beginner Series

These classes are designed for people who are new to the art. Each student will be provided with the yarn or fiber for the class. Some classes will have starter tools to take home.

ClassDateTimeCostMax. Students
Felt A PictureTues. 9/10 & 9/179am-3:30pm & 9am – 11:45pm$555
Making SoapSat. 9/14 2-5pm $455
Making LotionTues. 9/172-5pm $455
Playing with DyesWed. 9/18 & 9/254-7pm$555
Canvas Floor ClothsTues. 10/15 & 10/221 – 4pm$555
Beginning KnittingWed. 10/16 & 10/234-7pm$555
Beginning WeavingWed. 11/14 & 11/214-7pm$555

Exploration in Texture & Color Workshops

Once you have mastered the basics, these workshops will dive a bit deeper into various techniques that will expand your fiber artistic abilities. All of the existing workshops focus on Knitting, but beginning in September, new workshops will be added in various other fiber arts genres. These will all be 2-hour sessions starting at 4:00 usually on the first Wednesday of the month.

ClassDateTimeCostMax. Students
ETC Double KnitWed. 9/44-6pm$1515
ETC Mitered SquareWed. 10/24-6pm$1515
ETC Fair IsleWed. 11/64-6pm$1515
ETC BriocheWed. 12/44-6pm$1515
ETC Simple TechniquesWed. 1/84-6pm$1515
ETC Magic LoopWed. 2/54-6pm$1515
ETC The Amazing Slip StitchWed. 3/44-6pm$1515
ETC CablesWed. 4/14-6pm$1515
ETC YO! Making LaceWed. 5/64-6pm$1515
ETC Provisional Cast OnsWed. 6/34-6pm$1515
ETC Waves & BaublesWed. 7/14-6pm$1515
ETC i-CordsWed. 8/54-6pm$1515

Other classes will be added throughout the year.

Knit & Crochet Alongs

Also, there will be a Knit Along beginning in March and a Mystery Crochet Along beginning in August. They will need to sign up through the website to participate. There is no cost to participate but if they buy their products at Fleeces To Pieces, they will get 10% off on their yarn & pattern for the project only if they sign up through the website or at the store. We will use a group in www.Ravelry.com to share our progress.

2019 Knit Along

All participants will begin at the same time. They will be given details on the pattern, yarn and needles they need for the project.

“I was chatting with a customer about finding a project for our 2019 Winter Knit Along. When she left, I went out to Ravelry to find something that might be appropriate for the knit along that could use some of the warmer yarns that I have here at the shop. Immediately a free pattern matching the criteria that I selected popped up called “Audrey’s Coat”! It was like magical music went off because I loved the pictures. I printed it off and love the pattern even more!

This is a top down coat with pockets and a pleat in the back which will allow you to button up and still have plenty of room to move. The yarn is bulky weight, but There is a really nice diagram at the end of the pattern that shows you the lengths and circumferences of the body and sleeves, so you can easily make adjustments to fit your body. In general it appears to be a very straight forward pattern, but there are a couple of techniques that might be new to some knitters.

I do hope you decide to join in this winter fun! The 2019 Winter Knit Along will “formally” begin Thursday, January 17th. No purchase necessary to participate, but if you purchase your yarn for this project from me by the start of the Knit Along, you will get 10% off!

I have several yarn options available at the store including a beautiful new yarn that just arrived, Berroco Mercado. Each skein is 164 yards of #5 bulky 100% Highland Wool. Come check it out and reserve yours today!!!”

Mystery Crochet Along

Each participant will receive a new clue every other week. The project will be a crocheted tote, but participants will not see the design until they complete their project. They will be given details on the type of yarn and needles they need for the project.